The Fourteenth Post: Hemingway and Me

This is a favourite cartoon of mine by Tom Gauld. It appeared in the Guardian Review section (that, for the purposes of this blog, I read for the literary reviews but in reality I read for Tom’s cartoon) and it tickled me such that there is a copy of it stuck to the bottom right-hand corner of my monitor. I long for a whole succession of Hemingway Wednesdays but it is usually either a Hemingway Tuesday or a Hemingway Thursday for me – this averages out to an HW, I guess.

Tom Gauld kindly gave me permission to use his cartoon here. Please repay him by visiting his website ( and buying his new graphic novel “Goliath”  (available from Amazon (UK) or (US)). As of 20 June 2012, his home page has another brilliant cartoon to cheer up downtrodden sci-fi writers who are accused of not writing “proper fiction”. I love it!

Here is what happened on a rare Hemingway Monday. It is all true, only the facts have been changed to protect the lies.


Hemingway versus The Truth

Hemingway versus The Truth

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