Free BATDIG for all!

Available NOW!

Just a very quick post to say BATDIG part 1 is now free for five days (until midnight on the 26th June 2012, in fact) on Amazon – I have checked the site and there it is, in all its free glory but .com doesn’t seem to have caught up just yet. Apparently it can take hours for the various sites to show the promotion after the start date. And I thought technology was fast…

There’ll be another ‘proper’ post in a day or so – work and rain* are taking up my time at the moment. I also have the Stephen King book “On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft” that I want to read now as it is apparently an excellent guide to writing amongst other things.

OK, advert over.


* We have new chickens that need to be separated from the old chickens but we have had so much rain that the old chickens can’t be let out for fear that they will float away (well, drown in the puddles. Sadly chickens are that stupid.). So we have had to construct an extra living space that can accommodate two chickens but be separate from the others, all in wind and rain. Maybe I’ll turn the whole thing into a novel…

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6 thoughts on “Free BATDIG for all!

  1. Reblogged this on The Snail of Happiness and commented:
    Mr Snail-of-happiness’ book is currently available free for Kindle… this is the last day so please support him by downloading it and writing a review if you like it!


    • Maya Panika

      Duly downloaded, facebooked and tweeted. I promise to read and review. I can’t promise it’ll be next week or anything, I review for Amazon and currently have 5 books on my to-read-and-review pile and more on the way, but hopefully sometime over the summer.

      Will you do the same for me when my giveaway comes around?

      Do you want to link up on facebook and twitter and share the load?

      Good luck! I hope it does really well for you.


      • Maya Panika

        I’m SO sorry!!! I didn’t mean to do that. I posted a normal link to my book on amazon, just fyi, and it’s posted this bloomin great picture-ad. Please feel free to delete that. I’ll have to make sure I don’t do THAT again. Sheesh.


  2. Hi Maya! No probs about the picture, it’s indicative of how the summer is feeling here in Wales (and I assume where you are oop north?)! I look forward to your giveaway – they certainly help raise the profile of the book and author. Let me know when it is and I’ll be on that 1-click button faster than something a bit slower.


    • Maya Panika

      Well aren’t you kind! I shall re-blog you immediately by way of thanks. But lawks a lawdy, I shall have to be careful posting the link on blogs in future, I had no idea it would manifest like that.
      The summer here in Lancashire has indeed been as miserable as a child sent to bed before Doctor Who. It was just raining hard here, but the sun suddenly decided to show his face; experience has taught me not to hope for too much.


  3. Maya Panika

    Reblogged this on Maya Panika and commented:
    Go forth and buy!


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