NoWriWe – A NaNoWriMo Weekend

BATDIG Part 2 cover

BATDIG Part 2 cover

BATDIG part 2 is floundering a little. It’s not that I don’t know what’s going to happen – on the whole, I have it sussed. Naturally, I am expecting my characters and the events that bind them togther to blindside me once or twice – in fact, that’s how I know I am doing OK, when I am led down a scarily under-illuminated alley by figments of my imagination.

But my non-writing life is being somewhat obstreperous, demanding to be heard and handled and hand-held. So I am going to get all NaNoWriMo with the whole thing.

I am going to start with a blank page, somewhere in the middle of the novel and aim to write 1667 words a day from now until Monday morning, some 5001 words in all. I reckon I can do twice that number but there’s the thing – what I reckon and what actually happens have been two very different things of late.

Wish me luck! Here I go…

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