NoWriWe – A NaNoWriMo Weekend End

BATDIG Part 2 cover

BATDIG Part 2 cover

Wow! What a weekend! Pedrosa won the German Moto GP, Mark Webber won a surprisingly dry Silverstone F1 Grand Prix and Andy Murray was almost first* in the tennis.

Even though I’m not a huge sports fan, it was a difficult weekend to NaNoWriWe. Plus there were the usual things that have to be done at the weekend plus an interesting visitor to chat to for a few hours.

So, did I make the 5001 words?


I did write 4033 words though and I am pretty happy about that. I feel more energized to write now and I have made one or two interesting discoveries about the players in the story too. The NaNoWriMo method seems to work for me – at least, the starting with a blank page and just writing does.

My poor old internal editor, though, must feel a bit left out at the moment. But its time will come!

I hope you all had fruitful weekends too! Now, on with non-writing life work.

Until BATDIG is a bestseller, non-writing life work is what keeps the lights on and the word processor running.


* I think it was Ayrton Senna who, when asked if he would be happy with second in a race, replied “Being second just means you are the first to lose.” To be honest, if I was going to receive half a million quid for coming second like Andy Murray did yesterday, I wouldn’t cry into my milk too much.

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2 thoughts on “NoWriWe – A NaNoWriMo Weekend End

  1. 4033 words is closer to a win than Andy Murray got.


  2. Maya Panika

    I’m afraid I have less than zero interest in motor sports but I always enjoy your posts.


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