Thrifty grades of pay*

For the title, I thought I would hang onto the side of the bandwagon for a while before letting it get on its way…

I have been remiss and not posted over the last week but for a good reason** – I have been trying to commit more of BATDIG part 2 to paper (er, hard drive) before it all falls out of my head into my chilled glass of rosé (a 2008 Sancerre, very nice). Up until the day before yesterday, the wine was as the summer had been – wet and cold. Thankfully, the sun is shining and little by little the insects are coming back into the garden, to pollinate the veggies and distract me from my labours. I feel I should soak up a little UV while it’s here but it does mean that I can’t write direct onto the computer as it is simply too bright to use the tablet – no one does a screen as good as the Kindle’s. So, I have a notebook I put ideas in and sit with that, staring into the beans trying to look like a writer.

I am, bit by bit, coming to grips with writing as being my main activity. I am not quite at the Stephen King level of locking myself in my writing space (which in reality is the mess I like to call the office/studio/workshop) until I have written 2000 words every day, no matter what. But I am finding it easier to put a few hundred words on paper (er, oh you know what I mean) before the dreaded block appears.

It is like exercising a muscle –  the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the bigger it becomes. Then it possibly rips the arm of your tee shirt and you turn green although that may be due to imbibing too much wine.

Right on with the novel… I’ll put a bit of a teaser up later, if only to tempt you all to investigate part 1 so that you know what’s going on!


* What you earn as an unknown writer.

** Well, I think it’s a good reason.

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One thought on “Thrifty grades of pay*

  1. Maya Panika

    Ugh. Yeah… I’ve been trying to make a start on my next too but life – and publicity – keep getting in the way.


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