Mind the Map

Character Meetings from BATDIG part 1

How all the characters in BATDIG part 1 encountered one another. Or didn’t.

It’s always the way isn’t it? You find yourself with a day or so free from your day job, sit down to rattle off four or five thousand words of your novel and smack! Writer’s block!

In this case, it wasn’t a full block, more a cube with a couple of the corners chewed off (probably by the cute terrier pup we are looking after for a friend at the moment). I realised, with a slightly boyish grin, that I had lost the plot…

…well, not exactly lost but become entangled* in it. I decided that I needed to figure out who some of my characters were and how they encountered one another. So, I resorted to a Mind Map.

Mind mapping is a handy tool for creative endeavours partly because there are no rules to learn in order to use it successfully. It is, at a simple level, common sense. Instead of listing things in, well, a list, you put things down all over the place and draw lines and arrows and have fun whilst all the time ordering things in your head and allowing your creative mind to run riot everywhere.

You can, of course, overdo it and forget what you were doing but hey! I do that all the time anyway.

So the result of my mind mapping was a surprise discovery of how two of my characters are linked and a thought that perhaps I could create a character who was a novelist from whom I could steal their work when they were done. As I have written in this blog before (here), a novelist’s characters often seem to know way more about what is going on than the novelist themselves.

More work has come in to do now but at least I know who is who, and have it in permanent diagram form!


* The word ‘entangled’ has popped into my head because I am reading ‘Entanglement’ by fellow blogger Maya Panika and because of the track by Genesis on ‘Trick of the Tail’. And because I was actually entangled in it. Well, figuratively anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Mind the Map

  1. I see you haven’t included a picture of the mindmap… I suppose that might give too much away!


  2. Maya Panika

    Love the mind map! I could do with one of those myself. I know the confused feeling all to well. Add in an aged P and a new puppy – also a plot that grows and grows and digs itself (nothing to do with me, guvnor!) deeper every time I look at it and… well, much nothing gets done.


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