News of the Whirled

I am distracted. BATDIG part 2 is putting up a fight, there’s been lots of work to take my attention away from the fight with BATDIG and Curiosity, fresh from destroying the very life it is looking for, has been taking topless pictures of itself. Presumably this is to cut out the middleman, which in this case, would be a member of the paparazzi with a phenomenally long telephoto lens.

When I am at a loss, writing-wise, I usually have a stroll through the BBC News website and others besides, to see what has been happening on this, and other, planets. While my favourite Mars object that isn’t chocolate and nougat is surviving some quite outrageous weather by Earth standards, Earth has been generating some weather that even Mars would find a bit extreme.

9th September and New York is settling down for a bit of tennis and the other more usual Big Apple activities when crunch! Not one but two tornadoes hit Queens and Brooklyn in quick succession. Luckily and really quite amazingly, there were no casualties but the second of the two gusted at over 110 mph.

When I read about this, I was reminded of the scene in the film ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ where there are a dozen twisters across the centre of Los Angeles. Suddenly the dubious science in that film doesn’t seem quite so dubious after all.

Perhaps that is what has been happening all along, of course. In a quantum universe where observations (and indeed intentions of observations) appear to affect reality, is it possible that the act of creating a world on paper, so to speak,. is enough to actually create it? Do the fictional elements of stories manifest themselves across time? Are those parts of films more likely to become reality as more people ‘witness’ them?

If they do, then potentially we have invasions from aliens, a Mayan-predicted apocalypse and furry Ewoks to look forward to. Personally, I’ll settle for friendly robots, time travel and a chocolate factory, with an occasional tornado harnessed to mix the confectionery ingredients in a renewable, eco-friendly way.

One sweet whirled indeed.


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