A Very, Very Short Review: Entanglement by Maya Panika

This is a book that has been on my Kindle a while now. A rush of editing work and writing meant that it stayed unopened until recently when I climbed onto a writer’s block for a bit.

The story here is one of ghosts and shadowy worlds that overlay our own in an atmospheric piece of writing that  is absorbing to the last page. The main character, Angel Copperwheat, is a complex soul with an overwhelming desire to help those in need, even if they are long dead or just recently departed.

Throw in a dodgy cop, a mysterious clergyman, a spooky church and some crisp writing and you have a tale which keeps you guessing, much like the state of Schrodinger’s cat, until the end.

Well worth the read, and roll on the next in the trilogy!

This is extremely short I know, as I wanted to write this and publish it now so that you can try the book for free – click here for more details!

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One thought on “A Very, Very Short Review: Entanglement by Maya Panika

  1. Maya Panika

    Thank you so much! As you know, a dodgy kindle prevented me getting very far with BATDIG but I have scheduled it in for Sunday. I’ve loved what I’ve read so far.


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