Mayan, My End?

I am sitting here hoping that tomorrow isn’t the end of the world because that means that you won’t be reading this and my return to blogging will have been in vain. Just my luck, though, it’s pretty much what I would expect from a universe that has given us spiders the size of dinner plates (and not the little ones either, like ones for sandwiches, but the ones you use at banquets for three courses at once) and Big Celebrity Get out of here Brother (where spiders are served up on plates or something).

The Mayans didn’t really predict that the world would end tomorrow, and I can write that with reasonable confidence since if its true, no-one will be around to point it out. This is so unlike many, many cult superstitions that seem to make a very big thing of predicting the end of days only to be a bit embarrassed the following morning. I was particularly impressed with one guy (whose name I can’t remember) who, having got the date wrong, said the next day that “his god had given him some more time”. So, the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything, then? Sweet!

I agree with the cartoonist who has drawn two Mayans, one of whom is stood next to his calendar that he is carving out of rock.

“Bollocks! I’ve run out of space!” he laments. His friend looks at the calendar and says “Well, it goes up to 2012, so that should be enough.”

A Happy Solstice to you all, and let’s hope the turn of this year makes the beginning of a new, better year to come – or at least one where the world doesn’t end and we, in Britain, have less rain. Much less rain.


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One thought on “Mayan, My End?

  1. I always love the excuses the believers come up with. I really hope that one day one of them will emerge from their bunker and say “I was wrong, there is no (insert name of god here). Sorry about that.” Unlikely, I know 🙂


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