I’m back!

Who could be fjord with Norway?

Sunrise or sunset in the land the sun forgot (and I don’t mean Britain in August). Arctic Circle, January 2013

What do you mean, you never noticed I was missing? Well, it is true that life rolls on even if blogging stops. Things still happen even if they aren’t blogged (or do they? Are we and all our actions, like a tree falling in a forest with no one to experience it, “silent and invisible and nameless”?*).

To me, it seems like only a short time ago when I last posted. But it hasn’t been. It’s been AGES. NaNoWriMo took its toll this time round and quite discouraged me from writing. So, I escaped after Christmas to the Arctic Circle, where there were Northern Light(s) and a very cold SnowHotel. And Vikings. And huskies. And an idea for a novel.

Not a bad holiday then!

I have decided that I will be blogging about once a month from now on, ostensibly to give me time to write novels! BATDIG part 2 is almost ready for release on an unsuspecting world, my preferred Reader (thesnailofhappiness) is, even as I type, reading her way through the final draft (final? Oh yeah?) and learning what BATDIG is. Or means. Or whatever. Soon, you will be able too!

Until April then…**


* William Fossett wrote this in 1730, long before anyone became confused with quantum physics and the like. There is no suggestion that he gave his trees individual names, though, not even the visible ones. This question (about falling trees, not their naming) has developed into whether things exist if no one is looking at them. Einstein and Bohr talked about that conundrum one day, in relation to the existence of the moon. Those guys really knew how to have a good time, just not then. They concluded that it was unprovable, an infallible conjecture and that Marilyn Monroe was hot.***

**…or even sooner. It depends. I may have a rant about easter eggs or marshmallow zebras or something before then.

*** OK, one of those conclusions probably wasn’t reached. My money’s on the conjuror thingy.

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3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Welcome back… it only seems like minutes since we last communicated!


  2. Maya Panika

    Extraordinary photo. Welcome back! – tardy I know, I’m still catching up after a catastrophic computer crash, lost lots, lots of emails and struggling to chase everything up Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful trip, I have BATDIG 2 and very much looking forward to reading it


    • Thank you – and thank you for the lovely review of part 1, really very very much appreciated! Stay warm and safe in all that snow!


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