A Blatant Plug 2


#32 in the charts, like Duran Duran’s (Reach up for the) Sunrise in the Irish charts in 2004

Yesterday I attained the dizzy heights of being a Top 40 author! Admittedly, it was in the chart for free kindle sci-fi downloads but, even so, it still gave me a sense of achievement*. BATDIG even reached the dizzy heights of #63 in the thriller chart (free kindle download version of course).

Naturally, it has yet to match its highest position – joint #1 in the “Kindle books by Jon Sayer” chart – but there is still time to download your copy for free and make it a smash overnight* success!

Two and a bit days left of the promotion – I would like to thank the already large number of people who have downloaded it this time around. To those of you who haven’t – go on, what have you got to lose? Nothing, that’s what!


* Which probably isn’t saying much considering I feel a sense of achievement every time I manage to open a bag of crisps without spraying the furniture with processed potato goodness. Mmm…processed potato goodness…

** Overnight = Over-one-and-a-bit-years

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2 thoughts on “A Blatant Plug 2

  1. It’s terrible that we get so cheered when our books reach these dizzying heights and suddenly realise it’s only because we’re giving it away. We need to get to #1 on sales and have our names on everyone’s tongues. I refuse to contemplate committing murder to reach that notoriety.
    Good luck with the rest of the promotion period


    • Well, at least it wasn’t something I couldn’t even give away! Promotion over now (not sure why WordPress only saw fit to tell me about your comment today) and I think it generated some sales of part 2 so another fish supper courtesy of BATDIG (that’s three now).


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