It was this or grow a moustache…



Well, you all probably know how this works. One minute you’re editing away, gazing out the window or walking the dogs and the next minute, before you can write “Register for NaNoWriMo” on the dryboard in your office, you’ve gone and… blown the punchline.

Actually, that is sort of what NaNoWriMo is all about: 50,000 words, a lot of them different and in whole sentences, but with no time for that bit inside you that says “No, don’t write that!” to say… oh good grief.

Surprisingly, what tends to happen is that after a few days, you settle down and, despite there being no checks or actual pressure to complete the task, you treat NaNoWriMo like the challenge it is – fun, silly, madcap, DEADLY SERIOUS.

I could grow a moustache for Movember but I already have one (a hairy lip, not the eleventh month) all the rest of the time (apart from when I display my ‘summer plumage’, which now having typed, I regret putting but I have my internal editor switched off in readiness for November).

I could also earn  money, but that should never stand in the way of a potential Nobel Prize for Literature. Or may be it should, but I have enough squash and apple to keep me going a while so I’ll be able to eat. if nothing else.

So, a novel it is then. I wish all NaNoWriMers good luck (hi Kate!) and a month’s supply of whatever it is they need to get them through the ordeal.

Happy writing!

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3 thoughts on “It was this or grow a moustache…

  1. You have got to tell me your handle and where to find you so we can become writing buddies. 🙂 Good luck!


    • I am Reyas Noj on NaNoWriMo and presumably in the Wales bit – I have never had a writing buddy (it’s my aftershave I blame it on), well not one that wasn’t imaginary (look, Mr Hemingway, you’ve had a good run for your money).


  2. Can’t believe I’m going to be a NaNoWriMo widow AGAIN!


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