Everybody Yurts (2): Yes We Can(vas)!

The story so far...

The story so far…

When I last left you, the sun had come out over Denmark Farm (http://www.denmarkfarm.org.uk/) and the yurt’s framework was up and basking in the West Wales spring. With the spell of good weather set to continue, Yurt-controller Mara choose the perfect day to clothe the naked structure.

Once again, four people (but not all the same four people as in part 1) took to the field, this time armed with a very large piece of canvas, brought up from its winter store in a wheelbarrow. There was also a piece of canvas to wrap around the walls and a very natty “hat” to fit over the crown.

Do-it-yourself Yurt Dressing Kit

Do-it-yourself Yurt Dressing Kit

And so to business… first of all, you have to fold the canvas in half, then roll it such that it forms two conjoined sausage rolls, then grapple it onto the framework opposite the door (to make it easier to fix once it is unfurled). As in part 1, the handle of a broom comes in very useful to push and pull the canvas into position.

Canvas rolling

Canvas rolling

Ready to lift into place

Ready to lift into place

So, the idea is now to lift it onto the frame, unroll it, then flip the top layer of the canvas over the frame to cover the yurt. When you put it like that, it sounds really easy and in no way back-breaking. Even with four people, it is an interesting challenge. OK, now for the heavy lifting!

The start...ready to be unrolled and flipped over

Ready to be unrolled and flipped over

Inside Man (with a broom)

Inside Man (with a broom)

With someone inside the yurt and armed with a stick, the unfolding of the canvas can begin – but it takes a bit of finagling. Eventually, we persuaded it over the frame and tweaked it so that the cut-away in the canvas was above the doors. The canvas is then tied onto the frame all the way around.

Top fitted

Like a fake snow-topped mountain

It was with aching arms (for arms read everything that is possibe to ache plus a few things that really shouldn’t but did anyway) that we were ready to fit the bottom piece of canvas and fit the stove – see the next post!





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3 thoughts on “Everybody Yurts (2): Yes We Can(vas)!

  1. Bad jokes but great pics. Looks like things went without a hitch.


    • Glad you liked the pictures.It was quite a sense of achievement to stand back at the end of the construction and think “I helped to do that!” Inside, it is such a lovely space, it helped me think up so many puns to use. For example, I realised the bit around the outside would be the yurtilage. I’ll get my coat…


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