Everybody Yurts (3): Intent on Finishing

And so it came to pass that in the land of the Mabinogion and cawl, a strange building with one eye lifted to the sky, appeared on the landscape, apparently in response to the four people who were stood around it, magically chanting the mysterious incantation: “Can we stop and have a cuppa then?”

A Window on the Stars

A Window on the Stars

So, the yurt is almost complete. The canvas for the sides also has some oak leaf-shaped windows cut out of it for good measure. Once the side piece was attached to the frame, the broom handle was out again as we positioned the yurt’s “hat” – the canvas with a see-through plastic top that sits over the crown. This allows the yurt to breathe whilst keeping the inhabitants dry (not that it ever rains in Wales!). The hat is fastened with guy ropes to stop it blowing away (not that it is ever windy in Wales!).

Keeping the Yurt's Hat on

Keeping the Yurt’s Hat on


With all the structural bits done, it’s just a question of cleaning and bringing in the chairs. These are beautifully carved and feel as if they truly belong inside the yurt. A wood burner completes the fittings, along with its chimney and custom-made chimney holder-upper*.

Chaise Yurt

Chaise Yurt

One completed Yurt, detached, all mod-cons.

One completed Yurt, detached, all mod-cons.

Inside, all is calm…

Ready to live in

Ready to live in


And there it is – up until the end of autumn, so (blatant advert approaching) book early to avoid missing out (http://www.denmarkfarm.org.uk/)!

Fully clothed Yurt

Fully clothed Yurt


* That is the technical name. The common name is “chimney thingy do-dah”.

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2 thoughts on “Everybody Yurts (3): Intent on Finishing

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  2. Looks fantastic and the furniture is wonderful. Very rustic.


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