Breaking News: BATDIG Project continues…

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It would seem that the BATDIG project is still going strong – an unexplained power cut in Scotland this time.

It is nine twenty five a.m. GMT.

After all the further experiments, the inadvertent computer crashes put down to severed transatlantic cables or sunspot activity, the ‘accidental’ power cuts in supposedly unconnected places like Jersey and Madeira, the time is here.

This time, there is a small army of packages making their way to the key locations around the globe. Whilst those in Britain are taking part in the new revolution instead of going to work, there are others who are walking their respective streets in the middle of the night or just as the dawn breaks.

This time, though, the carriers know each other, or like each other or love each other. They are mothers and their children, sweethearts and acquaintances, neighbours and work colleagues, all with a single purpose.

They are heading to the Houses of Parliament; the Bundestag; New Parliament House.

They are homing in on the Vatican; Westminster Abbey; Washington National Cathedral.

They are nearing Wall Street; the Shanghai Stock Exchange; the ASX.

Look around you the next time it is nine twenty five a.m. GMT. Carefully adjust for your local time zone. See what people are carrying under their arms, have on the top of their bag-for-life bags or have left peeking out from the top of their rucksacks.

When you see those uranium orange packages, not one but two or three, heading towards places of interest, ask yourself one question. Or maybe two:

Is this BATDIG?


Who’s the dirt this time?




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