Ultra-Flash Fiction: A Very Quick (Hen’s) Tale

You're not paranoid - they really are talking about you

You’re not paranoid – they really are talking about you

It was only as he was being pecked to death by ninety-nine very angry chickens that Jon realised that a) he had cut the head off the one chicken who really liked him and b) he had wired his animal emotion detector/amplifier back-to-front.


Author’s Ramblings: I thought of this whilst sitting (too long) in the sunshine. Esme (for more on our chickens read thesnailofhappiness) likes to peck my leg, quite harmlessly but quite annoyingly while I am filling up watering cans or sitting writing and so this sentence came to mind. I wasn’t even sure Ultra-flash fiction was a thing but, according to t’interweb, it is, so that’s something else I don’t have to invent. A load off my mind, I can tell you.


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3 thoughts on “Ultra-Flash Fiction: A Very Quick (Hen’s) Tale

  1. And now, two years down he line, you have Tiffany and Aliss to worry about!

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