Writing Tuesday

An Urban Setting Sun

An Urban Setting Sun

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tuesday is supposed to be my writing night while I am here in glorious Berkshire, enjoying the delights that Reading has to offer. Did you know that there is a roof garden just down the road from where I am living? Of course you didn’t, because you don’t know where I live. But there is and one day, when it is open, I am going to visit.

You have to make the most of everything that life presents to you I guess, and for me this is a opportunity to take advantage of the things I don’t have easy access to at home – pubs, cinemas, pub quizzes, live music, Chinese restaurants and the sight of the Police stopping a motorbiker on the King’s Road for riding whilst balancing a cardboard box on his fuel tank. This latter event filled me with a certain joy, and it wasn’t the schadenfraude that goes with seeing any other motorist being stopped by the cops. Well, it wasn’t just that. It was the fact that, having been stopped, the rider argued his case for several minutes before I think he realised that everyone at the adjacent bus stop agreed with the Police on this one.

Making the most of being on my own on a Tuesday evening means that I might actually do some work on my next novel. Hence, I am writing this post instead. At least it is writing. I do want to finish my second novel by the end of the year because (a) I have plans for a third next year and (b) because I have told everyone I would.

The picture of the car park at my flat was an attempt to show the soft setting sunlight on the rough urban landscape, but I think really it just reminds us all that there are three trees that have seen better days, one of which I nearly hit when I was turning the car round on Sunday. The lack of immediate green space feels strange to me and I do want to make the most of it:

Guerilla Planting Site - or not

Guerilla Planting Site – or not

This patch of ground is right outside my back door so my immediate thought was to plant some herbs and maybe sneak in some winter greens or something. There is a patch of rosemary and thyme outside one of the office blocks along the Queen’s Road (at least there was 5 years ago) – I would detour on my way home from work to acquire some for use with a lamb chop or two. Unfortunately, as the picture shows, this once grassy, er, flat-bit (it doesn’t have the credentials to be a knoll, at least I don’t think so) has been viciously and, in my opinion, quite without provocation, cut to within a precise 1.25 inches of its green life. Oh well, perhaps I could plant something with the flowers in the hanging baskets? Nope. They are plastic. I mean the flowers.

Oh well, at least the trees and what’s left of the grass are real!

Back to the novel… after another cup of tea perhaps…



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6 thoughts on “Writing Tuesday

  1. I really wonder just how long you can prevaricate like this. So far I’ve managed two years. Never mind, the weekend will soon be here so you can get home to the garden again.


    • Two years – well, now I have a goal! Actually, I feel I have waited way too long to start writing so the odd week/month here and there could be OK. It’s nice to go home so that I can, in Wallace’s words, “prevaricate about the bush”. Hugs to you


  2. At home the garden is drooping – only 7mm of rain so far in the whole month… surely this can’t be west Wales?


  3. Maya Panika

    Enjoy your urban life. A change is often as good as a rest (they tell me. And who are ‘they’? Now I’m scared…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • What do they know? I have no idea! Urbanity is a good way to remind one of how great rurality is. And provides a constant source of new words too…


  4. As I’m one of the many, ‘one day I’m going to write a book’, type of people myself, I find your procrastination delightful, as it gives me the excuse that I’m not the only one with writers block, or attention deficiency, or whatever other excuse I’m currently using – though, forgetting all those things in myself, I feel I should encourage you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be), as I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 🙂

    As for growing things, maybe you should shame your neighbours, and hang up another basket, and show them what they are really for – but puzzle them by putting in the said herbs instead of plastic flowers? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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