I Can See Your House from Here… and bits of mine


Flying High-ish

Flying High-ish

As befits one of my advanced years, I received a very mature present for my birthday – a quadcopter with a camera built in it. For those of you who have never heard of this toy, er, serious bit of equipment, it is a small flying thing with four rotors (one at each corner essentially) all attached to a light, reasonably durable body (I was going to put ‘like mine’ but it just wouldn’t be true).

Flying it is a challenge, even in light wind, and there is the ever-present danger of it flying off into the field next to the garden or worse still, ending up on the roof out of the reach of one who hates heights. So, I am still very much in the cautious phase of learning, the phase right before the ‘well, I never liked that solar panel much anyway’ phase.

A Close Encounter

A Close Encounter

Eventually, I want to be able to fly as high as is reasonably possible with the toy, er, quadcopter and take aerial pictures of the garden through the seasons to see the changes from above… and have fun in the process!

A Bird's-Eye View of the Fruit Cage

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Onion Cage

What follows is the most common photo I have ended up with so far:



Back to Earth now, I guess!



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7 thoughts on “I Can See Your House from Here… and bits of mine

  1. Them’s leeks, not onions!


  2. Sounds like a grand toy, er serious piece of equipment. Could be vital in letting you know when the postman’s on his way or following getaway cars after a robbery. The world is your bivalve mollusc.

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  3. HAHAHA! Grounded indeed sir! I am with Mr David on this one, what a chance for you to slink around and investigate the commonality of your neighbourhood. Let us know if 2B is actually having an affair with the milkman or just being friendly with inviting him in for a cuppa OK? 😉

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