Good VIBrations

The irrepressible David Prosser has bestowed on me this award in what I can only imagine was a typing error brought on by lack of sleep, alcohol or both. I thank him from the bottom, the middle and the top of my heart – all of it in fact.

Apparently, there are only a couple of things to do so here we go:

How you would change the world if you were in charge?

Sam helping by holding my cap

If you’re in charge, we’re in trouble!

In charge of everything? I’d repeal the law of gravity and solve our energy needs at a stroke. I’d also patent string. OK, I wouldn’t, but I’d make us Humans be more Human. And Humane. And Humaner. And I’d stop making up words. There are some days where I see the news and just scream (quietly, in a very British reserved way to myself) COME ON PEOPLE! Forget the superstition and the hate and the crap and the capital letters and just get on with the important bit of living we all should get to do!

Oh, and I’d make it illegal to put nuts in chocolate.

Things I have to make up about myself, but that I wish were true

Of course, I never lie. But if I did, I’d never repeal the law of gravity and I certainly wouldn’t use that gag as an opening line of a lecture of why science can be great. And I would never write multiple lies in one suggestion for things I have to make up about myself, but wish were true.

I am still as supple and energetic as I was ten years ago when I was eighteen.

When I am wrong, I always admit it. I certainly never alter the Wikipedia article to prove I’m right or spoof an e-mail from the BBC for the same reason.

I write under various pseudonyms, including F. Forsyth and J K Rowling.

My DIY is of professional quality.

I am the greatest guitarist that ever lived, died or sold their soul to a fictional character in any book.

If I had a ton of money, I would give pretty much all of it to various charities and not spend it buying all the nuts in the world to prevent them being put in chocolate.

And the nominations are:

Because I struggle with my blog, anyone who writes more than zero posts in a million years is inspiring to me. But here are some that haven’t been nominated before (as far as I can tell) and are pretty cool to boot: – quite extraordinary guitars made from scrap materials – Australian history and real present-day life all mingled into one fascinating blog – as she says “Writing and drawing her way out of dyslexia…”



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3 thoughts on “Good VIBrations

  1. Thank you for not nominating me… I can’t cope with the responsibility!
    The nuts, by-the-way, are for me!


  2. I think I’m with you most of the way there Jon, especially the nuts in chocolate though I’d still allow raisins and biscuit in Yorkies. The only bone of contention between us is that you claim to be writing th self same things as me under the self same names. My stock with the public will plummet at this rate.


  3. Well there you go, you are NEVER going to get my vote for supreme ruler of the universe if you go and take the nuts out of chocolate! Why don’t we negotiate on this and you let the ladies have the nutty chocolate eh? That way you are almost guaranteed of 50% of the vote…FIBBER! Mrs Snail is sitting on your shoulder acting as your conscience right about now! NOW you are pushing it, Stevie-boy has already taken the “Greatest Guitarist EVER” title and there you go with the nuts again…mutter…mutter… Cheers for the Grot Guitars share, never heard of them before (can’t imagine why). Stevie-boy is going to love trawling that blog :). Have a great day Napoléon. Say “Hi” to Josephine for me will you?


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