Saving Kelly Kettle: Probably the dullest set of pictures in the world

DIY KK Fixing Kit

DIY KK Fixing Kit*

As regular sufferers of my blog will know, when I am not writing / working in the big city** / complaining in a sustainable way / flying my tiny quadcopter*** I am DIYing, with all the attendant enthusiasm of an educated fish with an umbrella.****

BUT… sometimes, the DIY works OK. Remember our Kelly Kettle (KK)? When it sprung a leak, I, Mr Snail, fixed it with little (if any) swearing, calling on supernatural forces or swearing on supernatural forces. Indeed, the Snail herself marked this rare occasion and wrote about it (here).

Well, as with all things and DIY in particular, Chaos eventually imposes its will and, yesterday, after filling the Kelly Kettle and discovering my sock was wet, I concluded that either the prospect of setting light to some old newspaper really WAS that exciting or the KK was leaking again. And it was:

The Offending Rivet

The Offending Rivet

Hmm... pretty sure that shouldn't be there

Hmm… pretty sure that shouldn’t be there

Fortunately, we still had the food grade sealant from a year and a quarter ago and so, barely fifteen minutes elapsed before the KK was repaired – again. I have to wait 24 hours for the sealant to cure but have just tested to see if the hole is plugged, and it is. Did I breathe a sigh of relief? You better believe it!

Ready to rumble, er, boil

Ready to rumble, er, boil

Satisfying sustainability –  a good way to start 2015!


* OK, the sealant is for sealing, the yellow-handled tool is for digging into the sealant at the top of the tube that has, well, sealed and the Nylabone is to push the tube up to get the sealant out because I can’t be bothered to find the frame-thing you are supposed to use.

** Big town, in fact.

*** Crashing my tiny quadcopter, in fact.

**** Hilaire Belloc wrote: The learned fish has not sufficient brains / to go into water when it rains.

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3 thoughts on “Saving Kelly Kettle: Probably the dullest set of pictures in the world

  1. I am seriously sure that men, the world over, have this D.I.Y. thing licked. Stevie-boy recently got tired of the milk thingo in the fridge door catching his trousers whenever he went hunting for a cold beer (or his leg hairs more appropriately as summer is shorts weather) thanks to my (STUPID NEED TO PUT STILL FERMENTING PRODUCTS IN THE BLOODY DOOR) delightful homespun fermentation experiments that resulted in the thingo cracking to high heavens and never quite returning to it’s natural state of being when said fermented delight was removed. So what’s a man to do? First he tried the silicone jobby like you did BUT not having a yellow tool or a dog bone (our boys bury them in disdain) at his fingertips to guild the lily, his efforts, quite frankly, were doomed from the start. Next he tried using some pre-owned contact cement that a friend who was leaving the country (to no doubt peddle his RUBBISH contact cement from both lapels of his overcoat in some seedy German pub!) generously gifted him. Nope…so then it called for the big guns. The big guns are messy, the big guns aren’t pretty BUT the big guns work. Liquid nails. You can do anything with liquid nails. Just don’t ever expect to “undo” what you just did because it aint gonna happen sunshine. My dad ran out of tile glue when he was tiling the bathroom here about 15 years ago. How do I know this? Because my dad is lazy, my dad lived 45km away from the nearest (cheap) hardware shop and my dad always had a couple of tubes of liquid nails handy at any given time and he decided to stick down the tiles with liquid nails. When we were renovating (I still shudder at the mention of that word) we got halfway through removing the tiles (those teeny tiny ones in avocado green smudges with baby poo brown that go on in sheets and refuse to come off aside from individually…) we realised that nothing, this side of Hades, was going to remove the rest of the tiles. We chiseled, we gouged, the floorboards were starting to come away but still those tiles stuck. So we now have a liquid nailed milk compartment in the fridge door. It aint fancy but it worked. Sometimes, in order to save buying an entire new fridge (as the price of this compartment bought as an accessory on it’s own is curiously $2 less than the price of an entirely new fridge…sigh…) one has to suck it up and learn to live with liquid nails whenever one wishes to extricate ones rapidly expanding fermented products from said compartment. Kudos Mr Snail on your D.I.Y. solution. Pretty? Who needs pretty! 😉

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