Look at my lunchbox



Occasionally, Auguste whips up Monday evening’s dinner and posts on Facebook about it, for no readily apparent reason. However, I never trust him with lunchtime treats – there isn’t time in a regulation hour-long lunch break for his diva-like perfection.

This was my packed lunch the other day – homemade bread* with homemade cheese** and a homemade muffin***. With a bit of time****, I could’ve made the lunchbox they were in (probably out of an old pallet and string).

I have to confess to feeling just a bit smug as I sat at my desk, filling in the online Guardian crossword and eating all this homemade yumminess. If I closed my eyes, I was almost at home and not in a place where 1982 ‘phones to ask for its office back.


* From me and our bread machine thingy

** From thesnailofhappiness and her birthday present

*** From thesnailofhappiness and her cake-skill

**** A lot of time.

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8 thoughts on “Look at my lunchbox

  1. I have a feeling you may have a few more cheese days while she perfects the art Jon.

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  2. I can feel the smug positively dripping off you Mr Snail. That muffin appears to have fruit in it so not only can you be smug about the (almost, you let the side down a bit with that lunchbox I am afraid. I expect to see an artisan rough hewn pallet lunchbox with homemade rustic hinges next time Auguste dabbles in the world of culinary delights) homemade quotient of your box, but you can be assured that there is a degree of “healthy” involved to double that smug and raise you a smirk. 1982 offices are like the unseen university in Discworld…they appear, they endure, they never change, but everyone who works in one is subtly altered by the experience.


    • The muffin did have fruit in it but only by accident. The white chocolate was also coincidental.

      Our 1982 office is soon to be upgraded – from the pictures, we are going to inhabit a space from circa 1994 when everyone thought Oasis were the Beatles and e-mail was still a novelty. Hopefully, my contract will be over by then.


      • Oh DEAR! Goodbye Yellow Brick road and hello grunge! I have my fingers crossed for you being released from your contract and finding a new and entirely delicious position up close and personal with a nice eco office with a plethora of indoor plants, wafted incense and the piped dulcet tones of seahorses to accompany you on your mental journeys…Oh, and don’t forget that rough hewn lunchbox…you wouldn’t want Auguste to get angry now would you?


        • I think I’ll need ACTUAL seahorses singing acapella now. In fact, I’ll put that in the suggestion box tomorrow!


          • Great idea…don’t forget to put “Antipodean suggestion” on the bottom of the post-it-note so that they at least look at it before they throw it into the bin 😉

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