Sock it to Me

Words fail me...but not for long

Words fail me…but not for long

I don’t write poetry very often (and you can see why):

When Joni Mitchell sang “put away that DDT”

“Give me spots on my apples and the birds and the bees”

I have to say I absolutely agree

You can’t kill nature chemically.

Monsanto and their buddies have patented the soil

You sign up to them – wadda ya get for your toil

The answer, my friend, makes my blood boil

They make you spray your field with leftover oil!

I know “Big Everything” only cares about its stocks

Value for its shareholders, for its ever-faithful flocks

I didn’t think they could invent any more shocks



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7 thoughts on “Sock it to Me

  1. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…………..

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  2. Tell Monsanto we know how
    To make our socks feel fresh. You see
    We wash them in some soapy water
    Which keeps them naturally odour free.

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  3. Maybe you should just stick to the ones Mrs Snail of Happiness knits you – much more ecologically sound! Lol

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  4. We need to write a song
    for how to get over the pong
    The smells that make dogs smile
    can be sniffed for almost a mile
    Chemicals kill that niff
    but make everything else go stiff
    Like Ms Pauline says
    It isn’t much of a maze
    Just wash your socks every day
    and that stink will just ebb away
    The things that we allow them to do
    in the name of some fluff in a shoe!

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