Owl Play

For Habitation: One detached box, modern construction, would suit an Owl family. Sorry, no pets.

For Habitation: One detached box, modern construction, would suit an Owl family. Sorry, no pets.

At Chez Snail, we have a nesting box for blue tits and the occasional spider – I fitted it* out with a video camera and have various pictures of chicks in the first throes of life that I should dig out and put up on this blog (and maybe I will sometime).

It's official...

It’s official…

We don’t have owls in the garden though, so I took the opportunity to sponsor an owl box at Denmark Farm. I didn’t fix it to the tree though: someone else did that for me because a) regular followers will know how DIY and myself interact (badly) and b) it’s really high up and I don’t do heights (if I was any taller, I’d probably faint when I looked at my shoes). There’s a map so I can find the actual box and then spy on the owls, I mean, observe the wonders of owl nature, as they get on with being owls.

A Desirable Neighbourhood

A Desirable Neighbourhood

I can’t wait to see what happens – I’ll post about it as and when. If you fancy giving a home to a bird (make your own jokes up), click here and sign up!

Apparently, you don’t get to keep the owl and its family at the end of the season. Probably for the best!


* The nesting box, not the occasional spider, which kept dropping the lens and complaining about “not getting its good side”. Divas, the lot of them.

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8 thoughts on “Owl Play

  1. It will be interesting to see if you manage to get tenants this year Jon.Someone;s idea of Dez Rez.

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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing any pictures you might get of any resident owls, being Owl oriented as I am 🙂
    Mind you, we have so many of them, of different types, in our little woodlands here, that they can be quite deafening on a warm spring/summer evening! Lol


    • I haven’t really seen many owls in the wild, so I’m hoping this will help! We do hear them quite often though, so they must be around somewhere!

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      • Oh, they’re definitely around, especially at the back of us! Lol
        Mr Night Owl sees them regularly in our little wood 🙂
        It’ll be interesting to see if you can get some close-up shots of them nesting, though – which is definitely one advantage of having your own dedicated nesting box! 🙂


  3. Yeah, spiders are like that. They complain a LOT when I actually get around to the nooks and crannies that they have set up home in (rarely, if I am being honest, but at least yearly…). Owl boxes you say? We don’t have a lot of owl’s around here so an owl box might not be the best thing to force Stevie-boy to climb up one of our eucalyptus trees to install, especially with all of those newly evicted spiders looking for a new home…


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