Owl Post 2

The lovely Mara at the equally lovely Denmark Farm has sent me another picture of the owl box, in all its glory. And yes, that is a real Welsh early Spring blue sky!

Spot the Owl Des-Res

Spot the Owl Des-Res



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5 thoughts on “Owl Post 2

  1. Now how many boys do you know want to move into a pink house? Sack the decorator.


  2. Yeah, with David on this one. This is obviously a “girl owl” house. Did you get to choose the sex of the owl you were going to “adopt” Mr Snail?


    • No, I don’t get to choose – I’m just hoping they don’t turn up with baggy pants and ghetto-blasters blaring out young people’s hippity-hop music by a popular beat combo of the day. 🙂

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      • Best of luck with that Mr Snail…you have to take the ‘young-un’s’ as they come. We just had an impromptu ‘hatching’. We thought we had been clever clogs with our 4 clucky chooks and just let them sit on a few “defunct” eggs…turns out they might not be as defunct as we thought as one of them is currently sporting a tiny black and white hatchling! Bet it’s a ghetto-blaster baggy pants wearing rooster! 😉


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