Partial to an Eclipse

Through a glass, darkly

Through a glass, darkly

We had a partial eclipse here in Wales today. It was a clear blue sky that greeted the Snail and I as we headed to what has already become one of my favourite ways to start a day – an eclipse party breakfast. It is ironic that, in a land where the sun is not as regular a visitor as one might like, when there is a chance of a sunny spell it has to shine through the moon. C’est la vie, as they say, er, here.

Our lovely friends Linda and Graeme invited us to partake in an eclipse and then breakfast, so I bunked off work* and came home.

The camera on my tablet was confused...

The camera on my tablet was confused…

The weather was perfect as was the company. Can’t say the same for my pictures though! The one above shows that Britain wasn’t really “plunged into darkness” as some news-feeds suggested – it was just a bit darker than usual for half past nine in the morning. That picture was taken at close to the peak, but the tiny pathetic webcam on my tablet computer was still overwhelmed by the unfiltered light.

The mist waxed and waned as the temperature of the air cooled and warmed. On the way over from Chez Snail, the fog was thick enough to allow the start of the eclipse to be seen with the naked eye, which was quite incredible. It is a shame that the fog didn’t persist, in fact!

Sun Spot - a spot of sun

Sun Spot – a spot of sun

Close to the peak and the air was positively cold. The birds went to bed, unaware that in about two and a half minutes, they would be getting up again going “Wha’ just happened??”

Swirly, man

Swirly, man

Immediately after the eclipse, a little cloud started to form. It was followed an hour later by a lot of cloud. In my eyes, perfect timing!

Cat in the Eclipse Mist

Cat in the Eclipse Mist

And so to breakfast!

Post-eclipse brekky!

Post-eclipse brekky!


* Actually, time off in lieu, but it feels better somehow if you pretend you’re doing something slightly naughty.

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5 thoughts on “Partial to an Eclipse

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  2. The breakfast looks like the best bit of the whole thing!


  3. Details Jon, details. Bacon butties, eggs and bacon, bacon and bacon??????


    • There was tea, cafetiere coffee, espresso coffee, juice; croissants, toast, home-made jam; porridge, yoghurt, home-bottled fruit. There wasn’t bacon, but this did not detract from the whole event (and I had had a bacon buttie the previous evening for tea anyway). Stuff was talked about, largely punctuated with laughter.

      A better way to start a day I cannot think of!

      Sending hugs…


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