Spring is sprung!


BOING! Bluebells springing

…the grass is riz

I wonder where the boidies is

Some say the boid is on the wing

But that’s absoid

The wing is on the boid!

I remember my Dad reciting this to me on many an occasion (as, it turns out, do others – I assume it was their Dad, not mine – for example The Other Side of 55). For reasons that were never clear, he put on a New York accent so boid rhymed with void. Whatever accent you use, spring is most definitely here (well, in this hemisphere anyway), proving that the seasons are still turning albeit it in bizarre ways. I await snow in July to go tobogganing.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the springiness here in the south in my favourite place in Reading (after the cinema, pub and the restaurant) – the cemetery at Cemetery Junction. It’s a fascinating place and uses deer to graze the land. Finally, I have managed to capture a half-decent picture of one:

"This is my happy-go-lucky side"

“This is my happy-go-lucky side”

And hopefully our nest box at home in Wales will soon be ringing to the sound of baby blue tits.

Welcome back Spring!


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6 thoughts on “Spring is sprung!

  1. Even in the Far North of Flintshire Spring has also Sprunged Jon. However , the mice don’t grow as big as yours do in Reading. It must be something in the water(or the beer).

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  2. Spring is here too in the Midlands! And tomorrow I am going to a car boot – oh frabjous day!

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  3. It would seem tits are the go in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment as I have seen many tit boxes being populated in the blogs that I follow. You stole my thunder. When I saw “Spring is sprung…” I was immediately going to follow through with the rest of that little number in the appropriate New York accent but it would seem your dad got there first. Oh well…


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