With Snail and I



Aristophanes told a good story. Well, Plato made him. The former claimed that the gods, being angry about something (as per usual), decided quite literally to split humans in two, to make them sorry and afraid (the way all gods work in fact). At the time, your average human was a hybrid male and female, with four of everything we now have two of. Knitting jumpers was a challenge but you were never alone and you could always see where you had been as well as where you were going, simultaneously.

Once split, humans would forever be searching for their other half. Ha ha ha said Zeus, or Apollo or whoever, before nipping off to be a white bull for the evening.

Now, my Dad told me that story and no one made him. I was five years old at the time and expecting Thomas the Tank Engine, but hey, you can’t have everything you want. Sometimes, as a wise man once said, if you try hard you can get what you need* though.

Sometimes, if you are really lucky, you meet up with your other half as in the Aristophanes tale, and actually recognise them as such. Or slowly come to realise that they are the other bit of the jigsaw. Admittedly, a bit of a rubbish jigsaw in that it only has two pieces (and one of them is a nondescript colour that doesn’t seem to go anywhere). Lose one of them under the sofa or let it be chewed by a dog and you can pretty much write the thing off and take it to the charity shop.

I was really, really lucky.

No, really REALLY lucky.

Thank you Snailofhappiness for twenty years of being a complete jigsaw. Please don’t lose me under the sofa or let me be chewed by a dog.


* That wise man being Dr Gregory House (or possibly Mick Jagger)

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23 thoughts on “With Snail and I

  1. I’m sure you didn’t intend it, but you have made me cry! ❤


  2. Reblogged this on The Snail of Happiness and commented:
    Aw, shucks…

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  3. Loved reading this!

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  4. brought a tear to my eye as well!!! ❤

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  5. For Jon and Jan (with only an “Oh” and an “Ah”to separate you); something I wrote long ago, but it slots into place nicely…:


    Does a pattern know
    When it is not whole,
    Or a jigsaw
    When a piece is lost?

    I missed a piece.
    And thought, after
    Time’s slow adjustment
    That I was whole.

    Then I found it,
    The missing piece.
    And saw at last
    I was incomplete.

    And now the pattern sings.

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  6. Ah so, congratulations are in order. I shall order some toot sweet. Twenty years is good going and to think, you’re still putting the jigsaw together.Jan. if you notice him covered in fluff, he’s been under the settee playing with the dog again.
    Congratulations to you Both. Well done. It gets easier from now on.

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  7. I got the movie title reference – but really this is just so much better!! I don’t often stumble across a man who has the heart and the courage to publicly salute his partner in such a heartwarming way. My eyes grew a little misty and I feel so happy for both of you. I would print this off and frame it and hang it above my desk – a visual reminder of something to treasure on any day the going seems rough and delight in on those other days! Happy Anniversary to you both! ❤

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  8. The world would be a smaller place without our two snails of happiness coming at us from all angles. Thankyou to the powers that be for uniting a jigsaw and making it fit just so, so that the rest of us can sit back and marvel at the finished result. Lovely sentiment Mr Snail and I am assured that it wasn’t only Ms Snail crying 🙂

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  9. Congratulations! You’re a whole lot better off than Withnail. He never got poems from Kate or half a cauliflower from Jan. Best wishes for many more years of good living and happiness!

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  10. What a lovely post! I’m grateful to Ms. Snail for sharing it. Not a dry eye in the house, I bet . . .
    you are both very lucky, in my not so humble opinion. ~ Linne

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  11. Beautiful! I am so happy for you both, and just a teensy bit jealous (friend of the Snail here…). I’ve made some mistakes with pieces that kinda fit and, well, it falls apart eventually.

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    • Thank you! I guess you need the mistakes so that you can spot the right piece, but it would be easier if life were colour-coded in some way (but maybe less fun too)!


  12. Congrats!!!

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