Willow Talk – 2

The Tools for the Job (Dog optional)

The Tools for the Job (Dog optional)

The willow saga continues…

As you can see from the picture, I use just hand tools to tame the willow hedge. This should be solely on the basis of ecological and environmental reasons, but really it is because chainsaws scare me (and most of the cast of horror-gore movies) to death. I actually don’t like using power tools particularly, making me (i) a disgrace to the whole of my gender and (ii) hopeless at DIY.

The little Opinel saw is truly brilliant although it does need a fix at some point as the doobrie that holds the hinge in place broke and the paper-clip* I put in its place keeps falling out. It is a testament to how much it has been used over the past six or seven years (if not longer) that that is the only thing that needs attention. It still has its original blade, minus the very end which broke off after the willow grabbed the saw and really wouldn’t let go. The tip of the blade remained embedded in the trunk I was cutting and has never been seen since. In fact, that actual trunk was extracted some time ago so I assume that either the blade tip fell out at some juncture or it was assimilated by the willow, Borg-style**. Hmm… a cybernetic hedge? Scary.

I've got my eye on ewe, I mean, you.

I’ve got my eye on ewe, I mean, you.

The animals in the field behind the hedge do their best to keep it under control. A couple of giraffes wouldn’t come amiss!

We should eat out more often

We should eat out more often

So, I am off to do battle in the next round. Yesterday, I harvested wood from the previous cut and shredded*** that into the new raised bed, a bed that swallowed this biomass as if it were me eating chocolate.

The next Battle Ground

The next Battle Ground

Here I go…

Possibly a metaphor...

Possibly a metaphor…


* Paper-clip in French is Trombone, which is brilliant. And nothing to do with this post.

** Borg are tennis-playing humanity-draining aliens from Star Trek: Wimbledon, in case you weren’t sure.

*** OK, I use an electric shredder, but that doesn’t really threaten to injure me unless I am really very, very careless.

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8 thoughts on “Willow Talk – 2

  1. I’m with you on the use of an electric saw Jon especially a circular saw which I can’t think about without seeing a picture of the blade coming away and attacking me. I can cope with electric drills (unless they be held by a dentist person) and electric sanders. I was actually grateful to be able to give the majority of my power tools to my son-in-law when we cleaned out the garage. I’d hoped never to see them again but when I was taken shopping two years later there was little room is his boot because they were still there. I wonder if he’s as much a wuss as me?
    Hugs to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think men and power tools are supposed to go together – primaeval hunting thing and all that. I’m the one whose male ancestors were in the cave all day, failing to invent windows and light the fire. Beat being eaten by a mammoth though.


  2. Pat

    Power tools are for wusses, it takes muscle to use hand tools. Much more manly. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stevie-boy wields power tools like a madman. I stay away. You only have to see him cutting metal with a circular blade to know that he has no respect for human life. I stay AWAY. “You want me to hold WHAT?!” “Nope…not happening (as I am doing my middle aged best at running away)”. I think the farmer in the paddock behind your willow hedge should buy a goat. You wouldn’t have ANY problems with your hedge if he had a goat. How inconsiderate of him! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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