Making History – 2

All the tools needed for a precision job - note the hammer

All the tools needed for a precision job – note the hammer

Way back in the mists of time (well, the 13th of January this year to be exact) I wrote about the wonderful mosaic tiles created from the remains of a bowl that once belonged to my Dad (Making History post here). One of the Snail’s talented nieces made four fantastic works of art from the shards. The question was where to hang them – and the answer was, eventually – “Blimery! In the Limery!” (or words to that effect).

Eight holes, eight screws, eight rawlplugs. This meant one thing, of course – DIY.

Other tools required for a precision job - note the cup of tea

Other tools required for a precision job – note the cup of tea

I know what you’re thinking, at least I do if you are a regular reader – cue language as blue as the Limery walls and a tale of disaster that can only be as a result of a drill, rawlplugs and sheer incompetence. But you would be wrong. Almost. Give or take.

It only took about 45 minutes to put up

It only took about 45 minutes to put up

Note how the top one is falling off, er, leaning forwards in a jaunty way

Note how the top one is falling off, er, leaning forwards in a jaunty way

The screws were reused from some other project that fell apart, er, was re-purposed. Judging by the surface rust on the screws, it was once an outdoor project. The rawlplugs were from a few things we have bought over the years that include them but are never needed (telephone brackets, extra shelf supports, that sort of thing). The holes came with the drill.

The handmade hooks we commissioned from the nice man in the People’s market and were just that – made by hand. So, some variation was to be expected. I matched pairs of hooks that were similar and set about fixing the first two in place. I measured once and cut about three times – I mean, I measured twice and then took an average.

Success! On to the second one… ah, a slight wrinkle as it were. The arms are inclined to be too inclined, meaning that the tile won’t sit safely on the hooks. Time to give up for now…

That was yesterday afternoon. This morning I fixed the other two tiles up, safe in the knowledge that there is a solution – modelling clay and blu-tack. The modelling clay (you can just see it, it’s very blue) sits in the crook of the arms to even out the slope and helps to lean the tile backwards slightly. The blu-tack sits at the top against the wall to help stop any movement. No sudden movements now anyone…

A job well done...

A job well done…

... and by that I mean a job, well, done.

… and by that I mean a job, well, done.

All up and looking really good – and all before morning coffee!


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11 thoughts on “Making History – 2

  1. Well done, indeed

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  2. I well remember the works of art created by your niece from the broken bowl. What a great place to finally display them, how well they fit in. All in all, now that the jaunty one is safe, it’s well done on the job. Just be careful not to slam any doors in case your niece can’t create masterpieces from the shards again.

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    • Funnily enough, as I put them up, I had the self-same thought about the possibility of recreating one of the tiles if it were ever to break. I decided to be ultra-careful and hopefully never find out! πŸ™‚


  3. The tiles are very pretty and complement the Limery colour scheme perfectly – and you, it appears, are becoming almost competent. Most impressive!!

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  4. I don’t think that people understand the true importance, in the scheme of things, of the common, or garden, cup of tea. Especially when said tea comes in a mug. Tea has driven generations of us to work, to careers where we need to be steady and concentrate. Tea has kept us on track during the day when meltdowns are close, deadlines are bending us over backwards and at night when we absolutely positively MUST stay up to finish. Tea is the working class man’s elixir of life and as such, should be numero uno on the “first collect your tools” list.

    I love how green the limery is. Winter? “Forgedaboudit!” you guys are now going to be greener than Kermit the frog this winter. That tile is perfect for that corner and looks like it was made to grace the limery walls. Good placement Mr Snail. Only 45 minutes? Are you going for a record?

    We had holes come with our drill too. I think they are a standard accessory worldwide. I was going to suggest padding out the intersection between the tiles and the angle but you sorted it out all by yourselves :).

    (Please don’t tell me that was a mug of coffee. If so, it explains a lot…)

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  5. They couldn’t have been displayed any better, I don’t think, and go so well with that gorgeous blue in the Limery – all power to you for a job well done πŸ™‚

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