Birthday Breakfast Auguste Style

Just checking up on the recipe

Just checking up on the recipe

Sunday breakfast at Chez Snail often comprises waffles, maple syrup, fruity goodness, caramel sauce and cream all washed down with freshly-ground coffee and old Star Trek: Next Generation episodes on CBS Action (or Scrapheap Challenge re-runs if available. Ditto The Crystal Maze). Today, however, Auguste has muscled in on the cooking as part of the “It’s my birthday” shtick.

Some technical stuff going on there...

Some technical stuff going on there…

...and here

…and here

Birthday Cake shenanigans to follow!

Thanks Auguste!!

Thanks Auguste!!


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11 thoughts on “Birthday Breakfast Auguste Style

  1. Clever Auguste!

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  2. I’m so happy that Auguste helped to get your birthday started in a proper and fabulous fashion! 😀 I hope your whole day was wonderful! Happy new year of being you! 😀

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  3. Kindly send mine by return of post Auguste.

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  4. I would like to employ Auguste to cater for my next birthday. Mine is just prior to yours so I should be able to get him back to you prior to the big event.

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