Birthday Cake Auguste Style

Eat to the Beat(er)

Eat to the Beat(er)

As promised… Auguste decorated the choccy sponges that the Snail baked yesterday. Amazingly, he even found time to go and find chocolate mint from the garden, making this cake one of my five a day (fruit and veg, not one of my five cakes a day. Although…).

The, um, Icing on the Cake

The, um, Icing on the Cake

For Decoration Only

For Decoration Only

Chef's Perks

Chef’s Perks

Now I need a nap before dinner tonight at the Harbourmaster! What a nice birthday!

Just the one slice then...

Just the one slice then…


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8 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Auguste Style

  1. August is far too clean to have made both breakfast and that completely over the top, sublimely indulgent birthday cake ……. I believe he must have had some help from Jan! Happy Birthday 🙂

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  2. If I was you (and I am not) I would be entering Auguste on the next “Great British Bakeoff”. I think he is in with a chance. By the way, happy birthday Mr Snail. Here’s to many more.


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