Blimery! It’s a Flymery!

A Fly not living up to its name

A Fly not living up to its name

I have started on my next novel while Kirkenes Blue is in its editing-awaiting-a-complete-rewrite phase. For this next story, I need to do lots of research which I have done by discovering the TED lectures website and the warmth of the Limery. The former ought to be Auguste’s favourite site but the lack of actual TEDs has put him off whereas it is easily my favourite already – if you’ve never heard of it, give it a go here!

The latter involves me basking in the warmth of the Limery, surrounded by plants and drawing inspiration for my novel from this idyllic surrounding. AND BY THAT I MEAN staring out the windows and photographing anything that moves, or in this case, doesn’t move.

The many carnivorous plants we now have seem to be making the flies drowsy, which is fine but I don’t think the flies are supposed to be drowsy anywhere else other than inside the plant. On the other hand, it enables me to photograph that much maligned creature, the humble house fly.

Watch'yer looking at?

Watch’yer looking at?

Note the iridescence of the wings and the slightly scary hairiness of the body.

A A Fly still not living up to its name

A Fly still not living up to its name

I couldn’t focus any closer on the compound eyes – they look like two large eyes instead of hundreds of tiny lenses, but that is another project for another time (probably when I should be writing the next chapter of the new novel).

Fuzzy Fly

Fuzzy Fly

Now I have stopped photographing the fly, the Sundew plant at the top of the page can progress with its dinner plans!


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2 thoughts on “Blimery! It’s a Flymery!

  1. All of that delicious glass harnessing your meager sunshine and condensing it down into somnolence inducing “atmosphere” have the flies doing what we all do when summer has been extended…slothing around. I can’t look at flies now without thinking about Jeff Goldblum. It makes it hard to swat them when you are first looking for evidence of tiny half men…

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