Palletable DIY: Breaking the Pallet

*Magic* Yellow Bar thingy

*Magic* Yellow Bar thingy

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I had a birthday cake (which was yummy), a promise of driving fast cars round Silverstone (in October, can’t wait) and this magic yellow bar thingy which is definitely its technical name because it is a bar and it is yellow. And it is MAGIC!

The age-old problem of dismantling pallets is well-known to those of us who, well, dismantle pallets in the (in my case) oft-mistaken belief we can re-purpose the wood into something else – a chair, a gate (ha ha) or a scale model of the Severn Bridge (only kidding, at least for now). Well, this device just slots in either side of the planks and with very little pressure levers them up in a it-uses-physics-and-leverage-cleverness fashion.

Using physics-and-leverage-cleverness

Using physics-and-leverage-cleverness

So, from this:

In one piece...

In one piece…

to this:

...into several pieces

…into several pieces

took 9 minutes. Another 16 minutes elapsed whilst I removed the vicious nails.

Gnilain - nailing in reverse

Gnilain – nailing in reverse

Not quite sure what to do with the three supports – having used two of them to put the planks over whilst doing the gnilain, I think I’ll leave them in case the assemblies are useful as they are.

Next time on Palletable DIY: the DIY begins. What could possibly go wrong? There could be a list…


MAGIC YELLOW BAR THINGY – it comes from, er, somewhere, the Snail knows, I’ll put it here when she reminds me. It was some guy on Twitter apparently. Or Hogwarts.

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14 thoughts on “Palletable DIY: Breaking the Pallet

  1. I honestly thought she’d got you a selfie stick Jon. I confess I was worried.

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  2. Pat

    This definitely comes under the heading of Cool Tool. Now I want one. Except I don’t have any pallets to break up. Maybe I should get one just in case. You never know! 🙂

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  3. I love me some magic! Now you just need some kind of magicked gnilian thingy ……….. If that materialises you’ll have that bridge built in no time!

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  4. Will be on the phone to Hogwarts post (pun entirely intended) haste Mr Snail. Magic yellow thingies are not to be sneezed at. I hear 99% of them are useful. The other 1% can be squeezed in black tea.

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  5. Magic yellow tool came from as recommended by Alfred Chow ‏@Maker_of_Things

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