My Humble Ophinion

A Wing of beauty

A Wing of beauty

When I saw this on the back door, I had to find my camera and hope the little fella would stay still long enough for some close-up shots of its wings. I am always amazed at how nature deals with the mechanics of flying in all its forms. When you look at how fragile these wings appear to be, it is small wonder our mythos is filled with people emulating these, usually with disastrous consequences (wings held together with wax designed for sunny days? Daedalus, what were you thinking? You should’ve stuck to labyrinths.).

More body

More body

This is, of course, an Ichneumon fly, one of the many varieties and the one that has been to the fake tanning parlour most often. Its legs look as if they are plastic and the antennae look like the string-stuff you use in strimmers.

Crazy Day-glo Orange legs

Crazy Day-glo Orange legs

It is only after I looked up this chap’s Latin name – ophion luteus – that I discovered it can sting.

Turns out, you can go off Mother Nature really quickly.


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4 thoughts on “My Humble Ophinion

  1. Pat

    Wonderful photos! I’m glad you didn’t know about the stinger before you took them. πŸ™‚


    • The pictures would have been a) from further away and b) a bit wobbly from the slight shaking due to fear. They say ignorance is bliss and I think, in this case, they were right!


  2. He looks like one of the “orange people” that we saw in Liverpool when we visited back in 2005/2006. Most of them had strimmers as well πŸ˜‰


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