It was a super Moon…

Orion came too

Orion came too

It was (much to my surprise) a crystal-clear night. With the moon slipping into shadow and our local council not having the street lights on at this time to save energy/money, the sky was almost overwhelmed by the spectacle that is our home galaxy. My little camera managed this shot of the brighter stars in the sky, in this case the constellation of Orion.

The Moon limbering up for the eclipse

The Moon limbering up for the eclipse at a more reasonable time of night

Of course, the Snail and I had not dragged ourselves from deep sleep at 3 a.m. to look at that. With the moon being super – at apogee, closest to the Earth – it would be big and the eclipse would make it appear red*.

So, here are some fuzzy pictures to giver you a flavour of the Universe doing a bit of temporary redecorating:

Loony* Eclipse Selfie! *Er, lunar. Maybe not...

Loony* Eclipse Selfie! *Er, lunar. Maybe not…


* Because the Earth’s shadow absorbs all colours except the red ones. It’s why sunsets and sunrises are that colour. Plus it looks pretty.

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4 thoughts on “It was a super Moon…

  1. The 3 am selfie out does the actual eclipse – it’s brilliant!

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  2. 3am brings out the true self I have found. Snails on point. I am imagining that most snails like 3am and that no-one in their right mind is out there squishing them. Looks like you had a glorious, squish free event and no cephalopods were harmed (or squished) in the making of this blog post. “Viva la Lune”!

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