Palletable DIY 1.5*: The Rot has set in

Missing a Piece of the Pie

Missing a Piece of the Pie

The story so far: Here’s an almost round table that is being eaten alive by woodlice and other xylovores. Somewhere to the left of the photographer is a pallet that has given up its wholeness as a pallet to become the raw material to repair aforementioned table.

Before I inflict my brand of DIY on my reader (and the table), I thought I would just show the damage in the surviving ends of the round bit (the technical name of which escapes me at the moment).

Whose been eating my, er, table?

Whose been eating my, er, table?

I disturbed quite a few woodlice during their meal as I removed the various rotten and rotting bits. They all waddled away over the patio to sleep off a fifty-eight course meal of wood. The damage extended right along this section of the table.

About twenty minutes of controlled violence later (or DIY, if you prefer that term), I had removed the eaten section. Fortunately, it wasn’t a lot more than I was expecting so there was still enough usable pieces of pallet for the repair.

Nearly half the top removed

Nearly half the top removed

Next time: Cutting stuff, measuring stuff, all the stuff I do really badly. What could possibly go wrong? Answers on a ten pound note please…


*I forgot to put these pictures up in Palletable DIY 2 so this is 1.5. It’s not just the table that seems to be rotting…

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8 thoughts on “Palletable DIY 1.5*: The Rot has set in

  1. Ooh… a serial 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you’re rescuing the table, though I’m not sure I’m up to watching what happens next . . . . except you might have some handy hints that Mr Night Owl could follow (provided they don’t involve hammers, as hammers and hubby do not get on!) Lol


  3. How interesting. Do tell how you are going to mitre all of those corners, cut (accurately) all of those spokes from palette imperfection to mend said table? I would be diving under the bed if it was Stevie-boy setting out to attempt this foolhardery but as you are on the other side of the world and I can’t hear you yelling or swearing I am interested. Can’t wait to see the photos (Note to Ms Snail. “take photos” 😉 )

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