Hedges should be shared

Prickly - but sooo cute

Prickly – but sooo cute

I went up to the wonderiffic place that is Denmark Farm to see Spike. Spike is a hedgehog that appears to have been abandoned by his Mother – I don’t think he was left in a basket, wrapped in swaddling clothes (Spike, not the basket), on the doorstep but he may have been. Given the correlation between stork migration and human births*, anything is possible.

Something very lovely about Spike's spines, close up

Something very lovely about Spike’s spines, close up

Spike is amazingly friendly to humans, not rolling up into a spiky ball when handled. He is going off to overwinter at a sanctuary (a Hogspital, no less, whose website is http://colegelidyr.com/coleg-elidyrs-hedgehog-hotel/) before being returned to Denmark Farm in the spring, to start exploring the habitat he was born in.

All together now – ahhh…

Spike strikes a pose - a sleepy pose

Spike strikes a pose – a sleepy pose


* There isn’t one, not really.

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4 thoughts on “Hedges should be shared

  1. Just as well you asterisked that remark – I was just about to whizz off to google to educate myself on a subject that I was obviously woefully lacking in……….. Although I am of the opinion that if there hasn’t been a correlation found just yet, there surely will be in future times. How else do babies arrive world wide?? PS Spike is rather handsome – I am expecting a shyer version of him in due course 🙂

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    • Hopefully there will be new pics in Spring of Spike when he is fully rested – watch this space!
      As for correlations, there is one but it isn’t real – Storks migrate in Spring when most babies are born because during the dark winter there isn’t, you know, a lot to do. Well, there wasn’t until electricity was discovered. It was all downhill from there…


  2. It’s so lovely to see a good story about hedgehogs, especially with your photo of the lovely Spike 🙂
    I haven’t seen a wild hedgehog in years now, and really miss the one that was resident in our garden, a few years ago now, but who died of old age, thankfully, rather than being yet another road fatality – he was terrific at keeping the slugs at bay! 🙂

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    • We did have a hedgey in our garden a couple of months ago, I think it was on its way through. The dogs barked at it and prickled their noses on its spines but nothing else. We don’t see many around here and, it appears, neither do they at Denmark Farm. Our chicks eat the slugs so maybe that’s why we don’t personally have many, nothing for them to scrum!

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