Palletable DIY 3: Painting the town table red pelt

Look! It works! The table works! Unlike the Author.

Look! It works! The table works! Unlike the Author.

It was sunny and I just had to try the new table, even before the paint had been ordered. In the warm Autumn air, I was writing about the Arctic cold, eating toast and drinking tea. OK, I was eating toast and drinking tea but hey, the thought was there.

The Author hard at work. Oh yes.

The Author hard at work. Oh yes.

The colour chosen for the table is one described by the manufacturers, Farrow & Ball, as Pelt. Why? No idea, it’s a purpley colour. I don’t know of any purpley-skinned animals although we did have a purple sheep in the field the other day:

Purple Graze

Purple Graze

It turned out Milka were trying out Ewes’ Milk Chocolate. Anyway, on with the painting… F & B make eco paints that have minimal or no volatile organic compounds in their mix. The company itself recycles 90% of the materials it uses to manufacture its products, which is pretty good for any company these days!

There was a slight delay in actually acquiring the paint but it arrived and, in some more autumnal sunshine, I applied the undercoat, which looks quite nice in itself!

Now, I had to wait a day before the weather was dry enough to do the main coats of paint, in the purply pelt colour. It was worth the wait though (well, I think so)!

A Slightly Deeper Purple than this in real life

A Slightly Deeper Purple than this in real life

Actually, I’ll put another coat of paint on later, but that is it! Now for a lie down in a darkened room..

From this...

From this… this in 439 sweary steps

…to this in 439 sweary steps


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13 thoughts on “Palletable DIY 3: Painting the town table red pelt

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  2. Pat

    I think paint companies have some poor soul locked away in a padded cell. Whatever word he calls out when they slide open the little panel in the door is the name of their new color.

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  3. I must admit that I don’t care what the colour is called, but do love the colour itself 🙂
    I can just see some matching chairs around the table and maybe, in the summer, a lovely jug of iced tea – or even Pimms! 🙂

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  4. That sheep looks like she’s been having some sweaty experiences of her own – a visit from Mr Ram, hence the purple dye that tells the farmer she’s been ‘seen to’. Moving on to more tasteful subjects, that’s a very fine table from rather unpromising ingredients, and with a blue Limery, why not a purple table? ‘Let’s keep things colourful purple’ would be a better name than Pelt, surely…?

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  5. Whatever you are doing at any given time, especially if it involves manual hard yards, isn’t going to work if you don’t swear a bit. How interesting that the colour changes from blue to purple. I have a recipe for “milk paint” that could be most useful. I doubt it would turn that glorious purple (unless I got UBER angry and tossed in a handful of blackberries that had been assaulting me with their ever questing tendrils). Lovely table, lovely paint. You guys are set for next summers gustatory picnic events in the sunshine. Hopefully it doesn’t get infested with paint scoffing woodlice in the meantime…

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  6. Purple is my favorite color. What an absolutely wonderful color to paint you table!

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    • Purple is my fave too. This paint was chosen because it was going to be a dark blue colour but it has turned out to be much more purpley than advertised – which, in my book, is a great result! I’m going to restore the chairs that go with the table and paint them the same colour, and then wait for spring and some good weather!

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