The Yurt Locker

Time for you to hibernate...

Time for you to hibernate…

In April last year, I went and helped put up a Yurt at Denmark Farm (the Everybody Yurts saga). I missed out on taking it down, and then missed out on putting it up again because of a burning desire* to work, so imagine how happy I was to be able, finally, to complete the cycle. Very much hoping that the high wind wouldn’t bring with it rain of epic, or indeed any, proportions, I headed over to Lampeter…

A Ghost in front of a topless Yurt

A Ghost in front of a topless Yurt

Adding to the great sense of usefulness one feels when doing a spot of volunteering, the weather was perfect, as was the company, and we polished off the chocolate, er, yurt removal in no time. Over the winter, the canvas will be replaced as it has come to the end of its useful life (as a yurt covering that is – I am sure someone will reuse it for something else!).

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory

Nearly naked Yurt

Nearly naked Yurt

A Lonely Door

A Lonely Door but Gary seems to be proposing to it, so not for long

All gone... until Spring!

All gone… until Spring!

The Yurt Locker

The Yurt Locker (plus Gary)

What a great way to start a week – back to writing now!


* For burning desire, read unkindled necessity…

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8 thoughts on “The Yurt Locker

  1. What a magnificent way to procrastinate. I wish I had a yurt removal event nearby. Might get me out of some of my assessment package…sigh…

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    • You could build a yurt out of a sheet and a clothes horse then have to remove it again! Procrastination is a specialist hobby of mine…

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      • I think a better idea would be to take that sheet and clothes horse, put it in The Mumbly Cumumbus (Stevie-boys dinghy). Row it out to Redwood island. Set it up. Row back home and then remember that I “need to take that Yurt down!” Row back out and take it down and row back. That way I can multitask the heck out of doing a bit more exercise AND procrastinating. Nothing like a good multitask in the morning (and I could probably throw in “have an afternoon nap” to that equation as I am guessing I would need one after all of that rowing!) Good strategy sir. I think I need to try harder on the procrastination front. Maybe there is a college course that offers procrastination 101?

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  2. Pat

    Love the Crowning Glory photo!

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