DB Mr Law

In the Music Bar (Motto: We don’t care what key, clef or time signature you are, as long as you have a good time”), Classical strolls in, whistling that tune that everyone recognises but no one can place. “Hey, Poppy! How’s it sellin’? Still crooning them out I hear!”

“Oh, hi Classy. Yeah, the big guns are belting out what I think are classics but there are more to come. It’s just…”

“What old buddy? Running out of my stuff to rearrange? Don’t glare, just kidding. Probably. What’cha worrying about?”

“The future, Classy, a better future. Humans are looking to the stars and hoping there is someone out there to temper our madness, to keep us sane. And the tinpot machines we are creating!  Those new fangled computing device things will be composing music and playing music and storing music before you can say ‘let’s dance’ and I just feel all the young dudes will get swept away with it. There’s no one to embrace the technology to come and weave it into something new, some magic dance.”

“Sure there is! You just have to listen out, Poppy, listen out. From all the heroes, yours will be here soon, I can feel it.”

“I hope you’re right, Classy, I really do. Someone to put sound and vision to the oncoming storm of frightening lightning. Some cracked actor to plug the gaps. Let’s pray they turn up soon.”

“Keep plugging and praying away Poppy! Hey, that could be a thing – plug and play! Er, maybe not.”

The bar falls silent. It is Brixton on January 8th 1947. A star baby cries. Poppy, eyes opened wide, recognising an answered prayer, thinks “Changes are coming.”

bowie roundabout



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2 thoughts on “RIP DB

  1. So, everything hunky-dory, then?


  2. Pat

    Great tribute, thanks. He will be SO missed.

    Liked by 1 person

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