Thank You, your NIBness


I may have been to school with some of these people – I went to a badly drawn school. The one on the right is Einstein by Picasso on a very off day. Why he has a spider on his nose, I have no idea.

I have just had the splendid experience of reading a blog post, following a link on it and ending up doing something I thought I couldn’t do at all! So a huge THANK YOU to Nerd in the Brain for her link to a TEDx talk on drawing (and thanks to Graham Shaw for his lecture too)!

Now the cartoons I have drawn are in no way masterpieces except that for me, who once struggled to draw the curtains, the fact that they are recognizable is a minor miracle. Honestly, I do not have an artistic drawing bone in my body and it isn’t for lack of trying. Until now. Now I have an artistic little finger. Well a bit of one, anyway.

Banksy, watch out, here I come! OK, not really.


I have no idea why they look so smug.



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2 thoughts on “Thank You, your NIBness

  1. I see we went to the same school of art 🙂
    There’ll be no stopping you now, Jon – just think, you’ll be able to do your own art work in your next book now 🙂 Lol

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