Yurt-y Dancing


Walls have (Volunt)eers

26th April. Oh yes, it must be late spring because it is time to put the Denmark Farm yurt up again!

So, a brave band of volunteers braved the lovely weather – er, and the five minutes of snow – to erect the yurt that, this year, has a completely new canvas which includes an extra bit that goes over the top to help protect the main canvas from the elements. Or so I was told.


Gary wanting to know why I have abandoned my post


Crowning Glory

A gang of six of us made short work of putting up the walls and fixing the crown. A yurt is a truly wonderful piece of engineering and has a certain beauty, even ‘naked’ without its canvas. But not very weatherproof.

After a short break for coffee and lemon drizzle cake, we embarked on fitting the canvas.


The old canvas (poor thing, I think it was about six years old) was beginning to look a bit tired and, although there was still a few years left in the material, it was decided that a new one was in order. The new yurt was made by someone in Pembrokeshire who agreed to pass the old one onto Calais where it will be used in the refugee camp there. How great is that?


The Yurt has got its hat on… er, nearly


Just needs its cap on now

Fitting the canvas, the green bit (which is made of similar material to a ground sheet and so quite heavy) and the window on the top took a bit of finagling and involved the use of a really clever fast release knot, which seemed like to magic to me (one end of the rope tightened the knot, the other undid it).

We needed some new pegs to attach the guy ropes to, so made these with the help of a shave horse. A shave horse is a great tool, you can make one yourself pretty easily and it does not involve shaving, horses, or shaving horses.


Making proper tent pegs


With the new yurt in place, it was time for tea and cake. Again. You can see why volunteer days are popular!


Ready for the arduous tea-drinking stage

Fancy spending a night or two in it? Go on! Check out http://www.denmarkfarm.org.uk/eco-campsite/ for more information.




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4 thoughts on “Yurt-y Dancing

  1. I’ve always loved the idea of a Yurt – so much nicer than your basic tent, isn’t it? 🙂

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