PalletCart 1 – It Begins



Pallet’s Go! (Oh good grief…)

Here at Chez Snail, we have a SmartCart. It is a wheelbarrow with two wheels and a phD in Exterior Design. It’s great but it is wide and now doesn’t fit easily between the house, the Limery and the raised beds. It will go, if you lift the wheel nearest the wall of the house onto the back door step, something not always particularly easy to achieve.


The Straight and very Narrow

What we need, said The Snail one day, is a small but perfectly formed cart that can be pulled along and on which can be placed bags of compost or crates of wine*. Swept up in the moment, I suggested using a pallet and some wheels that came off a thingamabob and some more wheels to be acquired from somewhere and some wood left by the builders of the Limery and…

I drew a plan.


Da Vinci I’m not – but at least it must be OK as it got a tick

It was rubbish. But it was a plan.

So, now to build the thing… what could possibly go wrong**?


* That was MY suggestion.

** I don’t believe it***. You all said “Everything”.

*** Oh yes I do.



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7 thoughts on “PalletCart 1 – It Begins

  1. Nope, you’re not Da Vinci – but you put everything necessary on the paper! 🙂
    Are you going to use rope to pull it along, or have you got the sort of steering we used to use for cart racing? Lol

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  2. Indeed, what could go wrong?!

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