PalletCart 3 – When will it End?


The Story so far…

In the beginning, there was a pallet, minding its own business, going about the World doing pallety things. There were also wheels and a maniac with a saw. Now, the Universe conspired to bring all these elements together, much the way it unites supermassive suns with gravity to form black holes. Before anyone could shout (for no readily-apparent reason) “Hawking radiation”, there was a sliced pallet fitted with two wheels of dubious origin. The Universe sat back and took the rest of the day off.


The Axle of Evil (well, it was quite naughty)

The first thing to go ‘wrong’ with this phase of the construction was that I could not remove one of the nuts from the end of the axle. I soaked both ends in WD40 overnight, but only one did the decent thing and came off. I think the other had achieved enlightenment and become one with its surroundings. Oh well, it shouldn’t really affect anything except I did want to replace those nuts with shiny new ones (insert rusty nuts joke here, if you must).


A gouge, er, I mean a channel cut in one of the axle brackets

Although it means PalletCart will be like many politicians and not quite on the level, mounting the axle on the topside of the lower strut should make it easier to construct and certainly sound more professional. I mean, come on, “top side of the lower strut”? It sounds like it means something.

By cutting channels just deep enough to house the axle, I was then able to fix it to PalletCart relatively easily. The issue was that, because I don’t own a router of the tool kind (rather than the broadband kind, pronounced differently I believe), I had to improvise with a drill. If you work in Health and Safety, it’s probably best you don’t dwell on my working practice here. Let’s just say the channels were cut and no fingers were lost. That makes two posts in a row.


Axle bracket proudly held in place with two (no, they aren’t really protruding from the top) screws

The spacers I used to hold the wheels away from each other and the chassis were pieces of garden hose, cunningly cut to the right length (and by that, I mean, continually removed and trimmed until everything fitted and I had run out of swear words).


Ready for a load test

Gulp! Now PalletCart was ready for its first load test. And what better load to use than two pups? Well, almost anything else but hey, you use what you have to hand, so:



Amazingly, it didn’t break! I also tried a bag of compost on it and pushed it up and down over the rough path that runs along by the raised beds. The number of pieces at the end was still the same as at the beginning. It could even take the weight of the old fish box which is full of soil and lettuces (although I doubt the weight of the latter is particularly significant).

I retired for the day to consider what colour to paint it. That was the next task – what could possibly go wrong?


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2 thoughts on “PalletCart 3 – When will it End?

  1. Well done! Lol
    You’ve just got to paint it the colour of the Limery – wouldn’t that look wonderful? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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