PalletCart 4 – Paint My Wagon


Me and My Favourite Tool

I was going to take the whole thing apart, sand down everything, paint all the components individually and then put the whole thing back together again. Then I remembered that I never used to do that with Airfix kits so why should I start now? Actually, I was more concerned that, having taken PalletCart apart, either a) it wouldn’t fit back together, b) I would run out of swear words during the reconstruction and have to abandon the project forever or c) I would break the run of posts where no DIY-related injuries occurred.

None of these risks was worth taking so I sanded down and painted PalletCart in its completed state.

I used the Farrow and Ball primer and external paint that I used for the Palletable because it’s a nice colour, a good eco-friendly product and because there was some left.


Prime of the Century



Primed and Ready

After two coats of the Pelt-coloured paint, PalletCart was properly dressed and ready for use. The Snail tied some rope around it so that it could be pulled around and then promptly used it to move bags of compost. It did not break. I could’ve cried. Instead I opened a bottle of wine and treated myself to a new straw.


Completed! Purple PalletCart



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5 thoughts on “PalletCart 4 – Paint My Wagon

  1. pat2727

    Congratulations! Not only functional, but beautiful, too. That should keep you rolling for quite a while.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! A no-injury DIY Project completed!
    I do like the final colour, by the way 🙂


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