PalletCart 5 -Thats a Load Off, er, On

Here are a couple of pictures of PalletCart hard at work:


A Happy Snail in the rain moving compost

These are plastic bottles (reused, of course!) we fill with rainwater to flush the toilet. I tried using PalletCart to move them to our IBC. Empty, they all fell off because the path is so bumpy. Full and it was like an It’s a Knockout game, where we had played our joker (if you remember such things) – water everywhere. Oh well…


Not so good for empty (or full) water bottles

Amazingly, Palletcart is unbroken after these flagrant attempts to use it. We’ll see how long it lasts…


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3 thoughts on “PalletCart 5 -Thats a Load Off, er, On

  1. Well at least Mrs Snail is happy that she can pull loads of compost 🙂


  2. I had missed Pallet Cart’s construction, and had to go back over the past few days. Very impressive!! And purple is the perfect colour (although, you do know that it would go faster if you painted it red…..!)

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