PalletCart 6: What the Romans did for Us


In a coffee shop in Cirencester, The Snail and I rested our weary limbs having just climbed up to the amphitheatre then down again. On the wall of this emporium of drink was a clearly highly accurate painting of Romans doing what they did, on their way into the East Gate of Cirencester.

And what do we find in the bottom right corner?

An early PalletCart (cartus ab palletae) but with one major design flaw.

It isn’t purple.



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6 thoughts on “PalletCart 6: What the Romans did for Us

  1. … and the wheels have sunk into the ground…

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  2. Never! Palletcart will be as sturdy as anything the Romans may have come up with, and at least you thought to add wheels – they didn’t! Lol

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    • I only hope myself and PalletCart can live up to the level of optimism and faith in my constructional skills that you have! Come back in 1500 years and we’ll see what’s left of the thing.
      Actually quite tempted to put a mosaic on it now!

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