Here be hebes (not)


It’s a hebe.


As some of  you know, I volunteer at Denmark Farm from time to time, doing a range of splendid writing-avoidance activities such as Yurt construction, Yurt, er, destruction, digging, coppicing and IT support. The latter is the one that seems to take the most of my volunteer time because of the interesting aspects of rural power supplies and telephone lines.

Currently, I am sat in the office at DF, awaiting the completion of an upgrade to Windows 10 from the awful Windows 8.1. I really wished that I had started the process about 5 hours ago instead of 2 – it is now well past sausage and roast veg time, wine o’clock is a distant memory and it is only 25% through its machinations.

I also wish I had brought my  camera so that I could have gone outside and photographed the wonderful wildlife. There was a Pipistrelle bat in the conference room earlier – it had blundered in, presumably it had heard a (high-pitched) rumour that there was a seminar on insect catching or something. It flew out once it realised its mistake (and we had opened the double doors to the outside).

So now I am wondering if I can use the built-in webcam on this laptop to take wildlife pictures* with? Here goes… oh, I should say I cannot name plants unless they are hebes. And when they aren’t, they are hebes. I can probably manage a daffodil.


A Succulent, you know, hebe.




Even I can see these aren’t hebes.

Now the upgrade is at 47% and I don’t think the webcam was designed for outside shots as the sun is behind a cloud and thinking about going down. I’ll try another one or two…


OK. The upgrade is at 55%. I’ll be here a while. Perhaps I should have taken pictures of spiders as it is a webcam, but I couldn’t bring myself to use that pun (plus I am not keen on spiders). Perhaps I’ll learn what other plants look like off the internet. Ooh, a video of a cat sitting on a piano…


*Not that kind of wild life. Shame on you and your smutty thoughts!





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7 thoughts on “Here be hebes (not)

  1. Sausages and roast veg were very nice… yours await you. The wine is nice too… hic!

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  2. pat2727

    Good time to practice your meditation skills. Computer updates are great for that. Ommmm…

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  3. Glad you managed to get your sausage and roast veg 🙂
    I’ve not found a sausage I actually like for years 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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