Cagey MacFruitCage – Update


Cagey MacFruitCage basking in the winter sunshine

Mid-way through NaNoWriMo last year, I took a short break from creating a world for a Xylophone to be confused in and went and helped convert an old metal shed into a fruit cage. Like you do.

March just gone, and I returned to the scene of the DIY/reuse victory to almost end what we had started – and add roof netting and complete the mesh around the walls.


Sides covered but still topless

The rest of the mesh was reused from stuff found in the garden when Sister-of-Snail moved in and other bits from highbankcottage.



Modesty restored: All covered over

The netting that covered the top was formed from two pieces that were surplus to requirements here at Chez Snail, “woven ” together using a bit of old washing line (also from CS). To attach the roof to the side mesh, I interleaved the rest of that ol’ washing line through the netting and the mesh. This means that should it become necessary, the netting can easily be removed – so the heavy snowfalls we are probably going to have in August won’t cause a problem, at least, not to the roof.

Now, in the picture above, there are two things of note. One is the lack of soil in the fruit cage. And the other, to the left of the door, is the large bank of what can really only be described as, well, soil. But Sister-of-Snail had a plan…

Temporary shade to prevent permanent heat stroke

Temporary shade to prevent permanent heat stroke


A Handy Hole

And so it was, on the hottest three days so far this year in the UK (reaching double figures and then some), I went and moved that bank from just outside the fruit cage to just inside it, while Sister-of-Snail raked it all around inside. The result?

A metal shed is now a fruit cage with fruit growing in it and I cannot say how thrilled I am that the project has come to, aptly enough, fruition.

Even the cat had a go at DIY, less successfully. Unless you’re a cat. That hammer was just too far…


“That’s enough DIY for any of my nine lives”




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5 thoughts on “Cagey MacFruitCage – Update

  1. Another impressive job! Congratulate the cat too, for all the work it managed to get done. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A fruit cage is something I’ve always wanted, but Mr Night Owl always seemed to have a use for anything that might make one, so I neverdid get one 😦
    You’ve done a wonderful job, and I really love the colour of the paint!
    It looks lovely and sturdy enough to last for quite a few years, I’d say 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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