Plastic – Recycle Locally 2


Somehow I thought it was going to be bigger…

Well, after a little period of thought and drinking tea, I decided that there will be some bits that I need to buy new in order to recycle the plastic from milk cartons. Although I suspect that I have enough bits lying around the place to build a temperature controller, I have erred on the side of caution (and minimal electric shocks) and bought 2 controllers (the black box with the readouts), two solid state relays (the white/grey boxes on the right) and two temperature sensors (the thing under the solid state relay).

Excitingly, all the instructions are in Mandarin and, as I didn’t learn the Chinese for “Thermocouple Type K input”, I am happy to see the largely-explanatory sticker on the side showing all the connections. I believe there is a translated version on t’interweb somewhere but that won’t stop me looking up some of the characters in my Chinese dictionary just for the fun of it!


Oh, standard international symbols, how you are loved!

I still have to decide on the type of band heater to buy – I am dithering because I am not in my comfort zone when it comes to metalwork and so have yet to come to a conclusion on where to acquire metal piping from and how much tolerance I have on the diameter of the band heaters. Do 35mm diameter band heaters fit OK (with a bit of finagling) on, say, 32mm pipe? Could I use an old steel dog food tin (the tin is steel, not the dog. Or the food.) and heat the plastic in that, thus avoiding lots of welding (which I have yet to learn how to do)?

With so many questions comes the need for tea…



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6 thoughts on “Plastic – Recycle Locally 2

  1. I don’t blame you needing tea after all that! 🙂

    I barely understood a word you wrote (except for the dog, and the dog food tin!), but I’m sure that you do, so look forwards to seeing your plastic recycler coming together 🙂

    I’d better start saving my plastic milk cartons for you, hadn’t I? Lol

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    • Trouble is, l didn’t understand a lot of it either! It won’t be ready for a couple of months but if you collect some plastic, that will be a) excellent and b) very kind!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll have to have a stern word with Mr Night Owl then, as he really doesn’t like ‘stuff’ littering up the house or – dread of dreads – his shed, which means I find it hard to keep hold of anything ‘useful’ for a later time :/
        I’ll have to find a hideyhole, so I can start keeping the milk cartons for you 🙂

        I can’t wait to see the finished machine 🙂

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